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  • Family!
  • Supporting and developing all young people and children within the Trust schools to flourish and succeed regardless of background, prior attainment or need in a culture of high expectations, outstanding teaching and care.


The Champion Education Trust is dedicated to the successful future of every young person within the trust and passionate about providing opportunities to allow young people to achieve beyond expectation by providing:

  • Outstanding teaching and support
  • Inspirational learning environments
  • Aspirational futures and successful stories

We will break down barriers to nurture independence and resilience within a culture of high expectation, ambition and continual improvement. We will inspire and support teachers to excel.


  • Family and community; a sense of belonging and contribution
  • Respect and celebration of differences
  • Partnerships and working as a team
  • Ambition and striving to do your best 

We will:

  • Rapidly become established as a small, dynamic Trust which is capable of building on its success, extending its influence and making a regional contribution within Blackburn, Blackpool and Lancashire.
  • Establish academies that are centres of excellence for leadership, teaching, learning, collaboration and give all students a curriculum that is balanced, broadly based and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
  • Become a flagship and centre of learning for other academies and schools in the region.
  • Transform opportunities and change life chances of children and young people, who live in challenging times as well as challenging areas. 
  • Work in partnership with schools across the Trust, accessing the support they need to set themselves up for success within an established system, which in turn is responsive to the needs and performance of each academy.
  • Develop expertise to improve the provision and outcomes for SEND children.
  • Share staff and facilities across the Trust, where appropriate. This will provide greater opportunities for students to be able to choose from a wider range of subjects and consequently thrive.
  • Provide access for students to recognised, high quality vocational qualifications in collaboration with local business providers and local councils in order to enhance employment and progression opportunities.
  • Offer a range of extra-curricular activities that will encourage students to acquire a range of skills not directly related to their educational attainment.
  • Facilitate through collaboration and openness, the sharing of effective practice across a group of schools so that improvements can be rapidly made.
  • Produce effective means of leadership development at all levels.
  • Centralise administrative, finance and HR functions where appropriate.